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We, Abelas & Co Real Estate & Business Brokers, strongly recommend that you read the following Disclaimer before using this website. We request that you leave this site should the terms and conditions set out below be unacceptable to you.

Whilst every effort has been made by Abelas & Co. to ensure that all information (including photographs and all other images) are current at time of publishing, it is acknowledged that such material could be subject to variation without notice.

Abelas & Co Real Estate & Business Brokers has taken all reasonable care as to the bona fides of the Advertisers and the accuracy of the information provided by them and/or their agents, but does not acknowledge any responsibility or liability either on its own part or on the part of any of its officers for any claims, costs, losses or damages, however caused or in any information, suggestions, opinions or comments displayed on this site. In particular, no liability or responsibility is accepted for manifest error in prices or any other information shown.

The information on this site is offered in the clear understanding that it is the responsibility of the User to make every effort to verify the information personally or through his/her professional advisers. Abelas & Co Real Estate & Business Brokers stipulates that the web advertisements constitute an introduction and do not constitute a binding offer to purchase any business or invest in a share of any business displayed.

By continuing your visit to this website, you acknowledge thereby that;

  1. You have read and understood this Disclaimer
  2. You agree to be bound by its terms and conditions
  3. You agree that this is a full and complete agreement between us, S.Abelas & Co. Real Estate and Business Brokers and you, the User
  4. This agreement supersedes any former agreement, either verbal or written , in relation to these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the above information please do not hesitate to contact Abelas & Co. Real Estate & Business Brokers on (02) 9553 8899.

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